Pickled tomatoes
1794 Pickled tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes

18078 Соленые помидоры

Pickled tomatoes — the traditional preparation for the winter. Enough to put a dish of pickled tomatoes on the table as the hand she reaches to take the fragrant tomatoes. Pickled tomatoes turn any meal into a celebration. Add a couple of pickled tomatoes to the usual boiled potatoes, and immediately life will sparkle with new colors. We must not forget that this is a great appetizer with vodka (let’s not pretend it does not concern us).

Salt can like a ripe tomato, and green. The latter is particularly well salted, stuffed them with herbs, garlic or spicy vegetables. If you have opted for the ripe tomatoes, choose not too soft, a little immature — they are more dense and perfectly retain their shape.

Pickled tomatoes

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