The winter compote of cherries and apples will not be called a trendy drink. Taste it predictable and recognizable. That’s why we love these simple, the real homework. Instead of the seasonings — love, instead of spice — flavor, sun-baked cherries and apples from my grandmother’s garden. Open in a rainy day jar of this compote and your mood will instantly improve.


  • 2 cups cherries
  • 3 medium apples
  • 350 g sugar

Step 1

Компот на зиму из вишни и яблок, разрежьте яблоки

For the winter compote of cherries and apples cut the apples into 6-8 slices, removing the core. Cherry put in a colander and wash in cold water. Optionally remove the cherry pits.

Step 2

Компот на зиму из вишни и яблок, переложите фрукты в банку

Put the cherries and apples into sterilized three-liter jar. Pour boiling water into the bottle, cover with sterilized metal lid and leave for 10 min.

Step 3

Компот на зиму из вишни и яблок, добавьте в воду сахар

Pour the water from the jar in a large pot, add sugar and put on fire. Bring to boil and boil the syrup 5 minutes for the sugar is completely dissolved.

Step 4

Компот на зиму из вишни и яблок, закатайте банку

Again pour the cherries and apples to the boiling syrup, trying to pour syrup on the fruit, so the Bank is not split. Immediately roll the jar with a metal lid.

Step 5

Компот на зиму из вишни и яблок, укутайте банку в плед

Gently turn the jar upside down on a folded towel and wrap a plaid or blanket. Leave it to cool down the compote. Keep the compote from cherries and apples at room temperature.

Useful advice

When you prepare for the winter compote of cherries and apples, not sabaite that the seed of a cherry contains hydrocyanic acid, even in small kolichestvah. And if you don’t remove the seeds from the cherries, keep this compote is not more than 1 year, especially since a lot of this compote does not happen.

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By the way

If your family three-liter jars of compote for the winter of cherries and apples a lot, and you do not have time to drink it for 2-3 days, you can recalculate the proportions of small banks, for example, a liter. On-liter jar you will need 1 Apple, about 2/3 Cup cherries and 130 g of sugar.

Preparation time

24 hours

Cooking time

30 min.

Number of servings

1 a three-liter jar

The complexity of the preparation




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