Category: Beverages

Category: Beverages

1502 Reipe Grape Basil Martini

Reipe Grape Basil Martini

Alcoholic beverages
Reipe Grape Basil Martini 3 basil leaves, torn, plus additional for garnish 5 green California grapes, halved, plus additional for garnish 2 ounces gin 1/4 ounce Essencia 1 ounce lemon juice 1 ounce simple
1487 Recipe Rosy Red Superfood Smoothie

Recipe Rosy Red Superfood Smoothie

Recipe Rosy Red Superfood Smoothie Servings: 3 (1 cup each) 2 cups cubed watermelon 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries 1 cup raspberry kefir 2 tablespoons orange juice concentrate 2 tablespoons hemp seeds 2
1420 Recipe Watermelon-Infused Water

Recipe Watermelon-Infused Water

Recipe Watermelon-Infused Water 2 cups watermelon balls or cubes 1 cup other fruit, such as berries herbs, such as basil or mint Place watermelon, fruit and herbs in pitcher and cover with water. For
1248 Recipe Lavender Honey Flavored Milk

Recipe Lavender Honey Flavored Milk

Recipe Lavender Honey Flavored Milk Servings: 1 Lavender Honey Milk: 8 ounces fat free milk 1 ounce Lavender Honey Syrup (Recipe below) Lavender Honey Syrup: 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons culinary
1208 Recipe Watermelon Bloody Mary

Recipe Watermelon Bloody Mary

Alcoholic beverages
Recipe Watermelon Bloody Mary Yield: 4 cocktails 2 cups seedless watermelon, cubed 1 medium jalapeno pepper, stem removed, chopped 2 limes, juice only 6 ounces low-sodium tomato juice 1 teaspoon salt 1/2
1088 Recipe Cinnamon Mulled Sangria

Recipe Cinnamon Mulled Sangria

Alcoholic beverages
Recipe Cinnamon Mulled Sangria 1 bottle Eppa Sangria 1 cup apple cider 1/2 cup Licor 43 liqueur 2 cinnamon sticks 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar 3 whole cloves 1 strip orange peel 2 green apples, sliced In
1082 Recipe Swangy Cider Punch

Recipe Swangy Cider Punch

Alcoholic beverages
Recipe Swangy Cider Punch Servings: 10 (8 ounces each) 1 bottle (64 ounces) Tree Top 100% Pure Pressed Sweet & Tart Apple Cider 16 ounces ginger beer 2 oranges, juice only 1 lime, juice only 1 lemon,
1048 Recipe Citrus Ginger Rosé Punch

Recipe Citrus Ginger Rosé Punch

Recipe Citrus Ginger Rosé Punch 1/2 cup minced ginger 1 cup Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar 1 cup water 2 bottles (750 milliliters each) Trestoria Rosé, chilled 5 cans (12 ounces each) PurAqua Belle
966 Recipe Bloody Mary

Recipe Bloody Mary

Alcoholic beverages
Recipe Bloody Mary 1 tsp. Tabasco sauce 64 oz. tomato juice 2 cups vodka 2 tbsp. worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp. lime juice 6 cheese filled perogies (baked according to package) 6 slices bacon (cooked until
907 Recipe Rum Old Fashioned

Recipe Rum Old Fashioned

Alcoholic beverages
Recipe Rum Old Fashioned Читайте также: Медіа-група “Our Ua” 1 Demerara sugar cube 4 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters 2 dashes Angostura orange bitters 1 splash soda